WordPress WooCommerce vs Shopify


If you are looking to create and launch an e-commerce store, you most likely recognize these two big players – WordPress WooCommerce and Shopify.

Both e-commerce platforms are widely used, but which one is better for SEO?

Websites designed on PROPRIETARY (Shopify) web design platforms do not offer maximum Google Search Signal programming opportunities, whereas those built on OPEN SOURCE (WordPress WooCommerce) platforms provide superior SEO results due to the access they provide to a qualified SEO HTML programmer.

Continue reading to learn more about Open Source and Proprietary Platforms.

Proprietary vs Open Source Platforms

WHAT IS A PROPRIETARY PLATFORM ? Proprietary platforms require that websites designed on them be hosted by their makers, with no option to be hosted by any of the popular third-party hosting companies. A major disadvantage is the lack of access to root directory server files and folders, otherwise readily available on all Open Source Platforms. This lack of access limits professional SEO programmers to perform only an inferior level of search engine optimization. 

WHAT IS AN OPEN SOURCE PLATFORM ? Open Source platforms provide web developers with the option to host websites with any of the popular third-party hosting companies, all of which will allow total access to all root directory files and folders. This feature allows professional SEO programmers a far superior level of SEO implementation, compared to the restrictions imposed by Proprietary Platforms.

Examples Of Proprietary And Open Source Platforms

WHAT ARE EXAMPLES OF PROPRIETARY PLATFORMS ? Some examples of Proprietary Platforms are Shopify, Wix, Weebly, SquareSpace, GoCentral (GoDaddy’s Paid Platform), and BigCommerce.

WHAT ARE EXAMPLES OF OPEN SOURCE PLATFORMS ? Some examples of Open Source Platforms are WordPress, WooCommerce, Drupal, Magento, and Joomla.

Proprietary or Open Source Platform ? Which is Best for SEO ?


With Proprietary Platforms SEO HTML programmers have no access to the HTML Source Code of your website for the purpose of SEO code implementation. This is because Proprietary Platforms are hosted exclusively by their makers, with no provisions for server root directory HTML Source Code access. Therefore, SEO implementation is limited to only 5 SEO parameters, from within the CMS design area. Example: within WordPress, it will be WP-Admin area.


With Open Source Platforms SEO HTML programmers have full access to the server root directory’s HTML Source Code of your website, and the ability to edit for SEO code implementation, in full compliance with Google’s current SEO protocols. 


There are many factors to consider when choosing a platform for your e-commerce store, but being able to do proper SEO is a crucial one.

In this short article, we have discussed why you should strongly consider choosing an Open Source Platform instead of a Proprietary Platform.

You need proper on-page and off-page SEO for your website, in order to rank your product pages in Google’s First Page Search Results.

If you cannot get your products in front of potential buyers online, then it is like your business does not exist.

Hopefully this information has helped you to make a better decision in choosing an e-commerce platform.

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