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Connecticut SEO

Now that you found us on page 1 by searching Connecticut SEO online, how would you like your website ranked on the first page of Google too.

If you searched for SEO companies online and talked to a few of them, you probably heard that promise before. Now, imagine an actual SEO company that produces real results. We have built a reputation over two decades based on those real SEO results. Just think of how many sales you can make after customers start finding your business online.

There are so-called SEO companies out there that try to take advantage of business owners by telling them they don’t know how long it’s going to take to get their website to show up on the first page of Google.  They use this strategy because the longer they keep you as a client paying a monthly fee, their pockets start to fill up with money. 

They are many SEO experts that play this game, and in many cases, these SEO gurus will tell their client that it may take as long as one year to get them on the first page. In many cases, they never get the client’s website there and maybe thousands of dollars have been spent on the SEO campaign with no revenue generated.

If you are tired of empty promises from these SEO companies and want a honest and true SEO team to help your business reach the next level, do yourself a favor and schedule a free consultation with us.  We don’t promise results, we produce them.  If we don’t produce results, you don’t pay us a penny.  

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Connecticut SEO Company

Connecticut SEO

We created the Digital Marketing company based on our own experience. For years, we sought out to find creditable Digital Marketing companies that offered SEO, web design, and Google My Business services. We tried searching on the internet and through referrals from our friends but with little success.

At Nexa Up, our goal is to provide beautiful websites and great SEO results, as well as top-rated customer service.  If we don’t answer the phone, it is most likely that we are helping another client. We will usually return your call within 24 hours.

Why Choose Nexa Up For SEO

Connecticut Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has to be done right so they are no delays in getting the desired results, which is to get on the first page of Google! As we do our SEO work and more keywords get on the first page, your customers will start to find you online.  Our team of SEO experts has over two decades of experience in SEO and are very skilled in this industry. Your success is our success. If you are ready for real SEO results, read the steps below and take action.

3 Steps To Get On First Page Of Google

If the other SEO companies have not been able to get you the results they promised, then it is time to call us.  We have helped many businesses over the years with their SEO campaigns and have never let a client down.

During the free consultation, we will talk a about your business, areas you want to target, and your goals. We will email you an outline of what needs to be done to get you on the first page of Google.

When we start getting some of your keywords to show up on the first page of Google, it will only be a matter of time before customers know who you are and what you offer.

Our Connecticut SEO Services

Local SEO refers to a search term that is associated with a location. For example, Roofing Contractor Hartford CT.

Regional SEO is a search term associated with multiple counties within that state. The number of counties included will vary by state. For example, Best Plumber Fairfield County CT.

National SEO is a generic search term, not associated with a location. This will work anywhere in the US or around the world, as long as the person has access to For example, dental implants.

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Connecticut Facts

Connecticut is the southernmost state in the New England region of the northeastern United States. As of the 2010 Census, it has the highest per-capita income, Human Development Index (0.962), and median household income in the United States. It is bordered by Rhode Island to the east, Massachusetts to the north, New York to the west, and Long Island Sound to the south. Its capital is Hartford and its most populous city is Bridgeport. According to most sources, it is part of New England, although large portions of it are often grouped with New York and New Jersey as the tri-state area instead. The state is named for the Connecticut River which approximately bisects the state. The word “Connecticut” is derived from various anglicized spellings of a Mohegan-Pequot word for “long tidal river”. wikipedia

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