Email Marketing Platforms

Email Marketing Platforms

EMAIL MARKETING PLATFORMS to help business owners, affiliate marketers, and entrepreneurs grow their email lists.

WHAT IS EMAIL MARKETING ? Email Marketing is when you send emails, usually to a large number of people who opted-in to join your list, to educate and convince them to take action for whatever you are promoting.

Email Marketing can be an important and effective way to promote your product, service, and brand to help your business grow. Continue reading to learn more about email marketing.

Drip Campaign

WHAT IS A DRIP CAMPAIGN ? A Drip Campaign is when you send a set number of emails automatically to your audience who opted-in to your list, and based on their actions, determines if additional emails will be sent to them.

How To Use Email Marketing To Grow Your Business ?

If you are looking for a way to grow your business, then email marketing is a powerful and simple way to get your product, service, or brand in front of your audience. Our Free pdf below, will explain how to grow your business with email marketing. 

How to grow your business with email marketing

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How To Grow Your Email List In Less Than 4 Hours ?


Learn how to grow your email list in less than 4 hours with step-by-step, expert guidance in six short and simple lessons.

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Email Marketing Service

WHAT EMAIL MARKETING SERVICE IS BEST ? There are many choices for Email Marketing Services out there, but they are not created equal. Yes, you will find some companies that offer Email Marketing Services for a low price, but that doesn’t mean cheap is good.  

We have tried many different Email Marketing platforms over the years, but have found these two companies to be pretty good across the board. 

Both of these Email Marketing Services offer different types of Email Marketing packages to meet your needs. You really can’t go wrong with either one of these Email Marketing providers. Take a look at their Email Marketing features below. 

Aweber vs GetResponse

Aweber Features:

GetResponse Features:

3 Email Marketing Service Factors When Choosing A Company

1. Deliverability

    • A high delivery rate is crucial so your message reaches the person’s inbox.

2. Marketing Solutions

    • You need access to various types of marketing solutions to grow your business.

3. Customer Support

    • Good customer service is a key factor if you have questions or experiencing issues.


Hopefully this information about email marketing services answered questions that you had and will help you make a better decision in choosing an email marketing platform.

In our opinion, based on the experiences of using other email marketing services, we think that Aweber is the better option if you are just starting your business. We recommend doing your own research.

Remember there are many email marketing providers out there and choosing an email marketing service that offers good packages and customer support will make your experience even better.

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