WHAT IS LIVECHAT ? LiveChat is a complete customer service platform that helps businesses connect with their customers online instantly. 

WHAT IS LIVECHAT USED FOR ? LiveChat is used to connect with customers faster online to provide quick responses to their questions or issues.

HOW CAN LIVECHAT HELP YOUR BUSINESS ? Livechat can play an important role for your business if customer service is one of your top priorities. You are connected to a customer instantly so when they mention that they are having issues with something, your staff can jump on it right away. This should increase your customer satisfaction which would help retain the customer for a long time.


WHAT IS A CHATBOX ? Chatbox is like a virtual agent that greets a customer when they land on your website. 

WHAT IS A CHATBOX USED FOR ? Chatbox is used to answer questions and transfer conversations to live agents.


HOW CAN CHATBOX HELP YOUR BUSINESS ? Chatbox can help your business with filtering out spam, transferring conversations to live agents, create help tickets, organize chats, track goals, and send transcripts to your team by email.


    1. Welcome Chatbox – Greet customers and transfer conversations to your live agents to help speed up the process.
    2. Afterhours Chatbox – Answer questions 24/7 and let your chatbots do the work when you’re offline.
    3. FAQ Chatbox – Quickly answer common questions to save time for both customers and agents.
    4. Lead Generation Chatbox – Automatically collect and qualify leads, so your team can prioritize how they handle them.
    5. Appointment Chatbox – Automate the scheduling of appointments and booking of reservations.