Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a strategy which combines compliance with all current search engine algorithm rules, sensitivity to keyword conflicts, the management of a backlink infrastructure, and the ability to instantly respond to the results of competitive dynamics.

White Hat or natural SEO is basically a 3-step process.  The first step is for us to fix your website so it conforms to the full SEO protocol. This is where we use the term “Optimize”, which basically means to fix your site so that each page is focused on specific keywords.  There are many rules which govern natural search positioning.  We will make all the necessary changes for you, page by page, keyword by keyword.

The second step is to establish 100% keyword-relevant “Backlinks”.  Google, Yahoo, and Bing all scan your backlinks to determine how relevant your site is to specific keywords, based upon who links to you.  Over time and many years in the industry, we have carefully built a very powerful and 100% effective “backlink infrastructure” designed to convince the search engines that you really do what you claim you do, and this gives you the competitive advantage over other sites with less powerful backlinks.

Finally, the third requirement is to have a mechanism in place whereby Google will be able to detect your backlinks as quickly as possible based upon a user’s search query.  Search engine algorithms only allow themselves a fraction of a nanosecond to search for backlinks, and unfortunately most backlinks are too difficult to detect quickly enough, and so they are actually useless in this regard.  Don’t get us wrong, they are still direct links to your site and likely may be driving some traffic to it, but where Google backlinks are concerned, they are meaningless in the sense of establishing keyword relevancy when they cannot be detected quickly enough.

So here is how we do it.  Each time we launch new pages we notify Google by submitting these pages, one by one, to a unique address at Google.  We use this same address to submit your pages as well, once we optimize them for their respective keywords. We do what we call a “Dual Submission” process, whereby we submit your pages, together with your backlink pages on our system, to that special Google address. Your pages and our pages are therefore cached to the same hard drive at Google, on the same server, thus creating the shortest possible 1-way backlink association between our respective sites. This way, one day down the road, as people search for specific keywords and your site enters the competition, and based on the way it has been optimized, Google will not lose any time detecting your backlinks since they are sitting side by side with your optimized pages, so to speak.

To summarize the process – we optimize your pages, create the necessary backlinks, and submit the dual submission process.  We can usually start getting some keywords to show up on Google’s first page within 48 hours.

Don’t let anyone try to tell you that you need to wait six months or a year to get results.  If you talk to a SEO Company that tells you that, just hang up the phone and call us.  We have been doing SEO for over two decades and have never failed a single client, and we are not to going to let that happen now.

We don’t promise results, we guarantee them.  Let us prove it to you so you can see the results for yourself!

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