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WHAT IS SEO CONTENT ? SEO Content is content created for a specific keyword, with the intent of being found by someone that is searching for your keyword, and ranking high in the search engines.

3 Most Common Types Of SEO Content

1. Web Pages – a web page contains all of your text, images, infographics, and videos so when a person searches for a product or service online and lands on your page, they will know what your business is about.

2. Blogs – a blog is one of the most common and easiest ways to create a consistent flow of SEO Content. Blog posts are usually more engaging and more likely to attract people because they are searching for relevant and valuable content. 

3. Product Pages – these are the specific product pages for any e-commerce website. A good product page is created with both the search engines and customers in mind.

How To Create SEO Content In 3 Simple Steps ?

1. SEO Keyword Research

This is the stage where you are looking for the most popular search terms that people are typing in the search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, and inserting them strategically in your content so that your content can rank higher in the search engine results.

2. SEO Competitor Analysis

This is process where you are looking at your competitors online, and analyzing their keywords, content, and backlinks to help your website and content rank higher in the search engines.

3. SEO Content Writing

This is the final step where you take all of the information that you researched and gathered, to create your content that will be optimized for SEO so you can rank higher in the search engines.

How To Optimize Your Content For SEO ?

If you want to optimize your content for SEO so your content can rank higher in the search engines, continue reading below. This is just one of the tools our writers use to help them create content for our clients.

WHAT IS SURFER SEO ? Surfer SEO is software that compares and analyzes the content on your page against the pages in the top search engine results. 

WHAT DOES SURFER SEO DO ? Surfer SEO will help you create and optimize your content for SEO so you can rank higher in search engines. 

How Can Surfer SEO Help With Creating SEO Content ?

Surfer SEO can help you create SEO Content by taking you through the following steps. Take a look below.

1. SEO Content Planner – this is where the software will search for relevant topics and keywords to give you content ideas.

2. SEO Content Writing – the software will scan your competitor’s pages to determine which keyword they are targeting most so you can create even better content to rank higher. 

3. SEO Audit – gives you a step-by-step process to help you rank higher in the search engines than your competitors.

General Website Content

WHAT IS GENERAL CONTENT ? General Website Content is content such as text, images, infographics, and videos that will help customers know what your website is about.

When we create general website content, we deliver true results for the information requested not bait and switch tactics.

In order to get traffic to your website, you will need to create relevant and valuable information, have good content organization, and provide a great user experience so they want to come back.

Blog Content

WHAT IS BLOG CONTENT ?                                                                                                                                                                      Blog Content is content that is consistently created and posted regularly on your website that is usually intended for a targeted audience.

The purpose of a blog is to attract an audience or keep the audience you have, by providing them with relevant and valuable content on a regular basis to keep them engaged so they come back for more.

Examples of blog content are the same as website content, which are text, images, infographics, and videos.

How To Analyze Competitor Websites ?

There are a handful of third-party tools on the market today that say they are great at analyzing your competitor’s websites, but they do not offer the same features. 

Keep reading below to learn more about a competitor analysis tool our team uses to snoop on the competition and help our clients rank higher in the search engines.

WHAT IS SEMRUSH ? SEMRUSH is an all-in-one tool suite for improving online presence and discovering marketing opportunities for your business. 

WHAT IS SEMRUSH USED FOR ? SEMRUSH tools and reports help marketers that offer services such as SEO, PPC, SMM, Keyword Research, Competitive Research, PR, Content Marketing, Marketing Insights, Campaign Management.

Semrush Marketing Tool

HOW CAN SEMRUSH HELP YOUR WEBSITE ? SEMRUSH all-in-one marketing tool allows you take a closer look at your competitor websites, and gives you opportunities to improve your website so you can rank higher than them in Google Search Results.

SEO, General Website, & Blog Content Writing Services

We have experienced writers who are ready to create content for your website. Below are several vertical markets for which we provide SEO, general website, and blog content:


It is important for your website, blog, or e-commerce store to have proper SEO content to increase your chances in ranking higher in the search engines.

If your business does not show up on Google’s first page, there is a high probability that the customers won’t know that your business exists.

We have provided a couple of tools that helps you create great SEO content, but if you do not have the time and energy to do it yourself, our writers are standing by to help you with that. Get SEO Content Now.

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